Rio’s zero trash – LIXO ZERO

We all know what happens in Singapore if you drop trash or chew gum, but Rio? Can you imagine the city free of trash? It is a built-in habit to drop cigarette stubs or sweet papers on the ground – and spit – I hope spitting is included. I once saw someone throw a whole newspaper out of a bus window! The orange trash bins on lamp posts, which have been in use for many years now, certainly helped, and parts of Rio – mainly Zona Sul, are much cleaner than they used to be.

Fining on the spot - Photo Tania Rêgo

Fining on the spot – Photo Tania Rêgo

The fines are not as high as in Singapore, where you can be docked as much as US$1,000.00 for being a litterbug, and if you insist on repeat performances, you can find yourself cleaning the streets yourself, but they are bad enough. For trash smaller than a beer can, the fine is R$157, while anything larger, but smaller than one square meter is R$392. Anything larger can bring you fines of from R$980,00 to 3.000,00.

They will of course concentrate on areas where tourists are likely to pass. This means mostly Zona Sul. I doubt if there will be much activity in Nova Iguaçu, and what about inside the morro communities, like Vidigal or Rocinha. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so it is unfair to concentrate on downtown and Zona Sul – and Barra of course. Jacarépaguá? If any of our readers lives there, please report.